Let’s Talk: If A “Friend” Betrays You One Time, Does That Mean The Friendship Is Over Forever?

“Friends, how many of us have them?” That’s a question that many of us have to ask ourselves along with, “Are they really here for me or is it because of what I can do for them?”

Growing up, my mom always told me that everyone isn’t your friend and that word shouldn’t be used so frivolously. Back then, we assumed our parents were just overly dramatic. Little did we know, they were practically trying to get us to see people for who they really are. Regardless of how many times we’ve been warned, many of us are still in denial until we have witnessed it ourselves. 

What will it take for you to really cut someone off? Does it depend on how bad the betrayal is? Can they be forgiven?

For many, all it takes is one time for a person to cross them and they’re done, so save the sob stories. 

Betrayal is more than an act, but it’s a feeling that will cut deep. Betrayal can consists of stealing from the person you call a friend, sleeping with your friend’s significant other or their sibling’s significant other, etc. 

Once you accept the toxic behavior, they will assume that it doesn’t bother you and will continue to do it. No matter how old you get, you need to remember that people will only do what you allow them to do. 

Know your worth and don’t just keep someone around because of time. If they cannot appreciate you and be loyal to you, they don’t deserve to be called a friend. 

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