If Your Friend Talks About Your Other Friends, Best Believe She’s Talking About You As Well


I’m going to keep dropping these jewels my mother gave me. Listen, “If A dog will bring a bone, he’ll carry one.” It sounds like gibberish, but it’s the truth.

If you have a homegirl running around telling all of her other homegirl’s business, best believe your business is out in these streets as well.
If your friend  is always bringing gossip to you about what her coworkers said or how person XYZ said this about you, she’s reporting back to them with what you say and during both instances she is adding her two cents.
The real concern isn’t why these people are talking about you, but why are they comfortable enough to talk negatively about you in front of your friend.
I tell people to believe someone when they show you who they are. Well, you better believe your friends too. A gossiping woman will keep everyone’s business in her mouth. You are no different.
If being your friend was suppose to exclude you, you thought wrong. She’s betraying her other friends’ trust by telling their business to you. Don’t be foolish. She is doing the same to you.

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