Funky Dineva Calls Blue Ivy Ugly, BeyHive Camps Out In His Comments

Since birth, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s oldest daughter, BlueIvy, has been a victim of negative comments and disparaging remarks from adults, who would dream to be in the presence of her parents. 

But, luckily, for every rude remark, the Beyhive swarms to sting, in fact, blogger, #FunkyDineva learned that the hard way after he spoke ill of the baller baby. 

During a live taping of “The Queens Supreme Court” with Tiffany Pollard and TS Madison, as the three discussed Jay and Bey’s facial features, Dineva blurted out, “Blue Ivy ugly too.” When his hosts refused to agree, he continued, saying, “half of y’all in here sitting next to a homegirl with an ugly daughter. Bitch don’t do that.” 

Now, in the wake of the disrespect, the BeyHive has camped out in his comments, which are filled with bee emojis and more. 

What are your thoughts?


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