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Baller Alert’s Year In-Review: Funniest and Very Relatable Tweets and Social Media Posts of 2021

One thing about social media, it helps us get through life. If you need a good laugh, Twitter is the place to go because you can be sure to find some outlandish and relatable tweets.

With the year coming to an end, it’s only right to feature some of the funniest and more relatable tweets of the year.

There were many surrounding COVID this year. The virus just keeps lingering to the point social media felt the CDC itself has given up hope as well.

One meme said, “Y’all on ya own”-signed CDC. While other viral CDC-related memes teased with other hilarious sayings.

“The CDC announces that it’s okay to just let Jesus take the wheel.” and another that said, “The CDC just announced you don’t actually have to wash your hands, just get the fingies a little wet.”

And of course, there were many surrounding parenting and kids. What could be funnier than kids who do and say anything.

One meme said, “My son over here drawing me in jail because I whooped his a**.”

While another funny said: “I’m done spending the night with hood chicks 😡 one of her kids done wore my shoes to school 😡😭 😂😂

And of course, there were tweets about money, which is definitely a relatable topic.

“My goal in 2022 is to stop spending money like I’m El Chapo 🤣 🤣🤣

“One thing about Amazon is that they don’t have energy to argue they just refund straight.”

There are so many tweets and memes that we’re just fit the crazy year we had. Take a stroll and get a good laugh.

And as we end this day to head off into 2022…. a tweet that we all hope happens… “January PLEASE come in here like you got some sense!”

Happy New Year! Make it the best.

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