Funny Marco Talks Bobbi Althoff, Dealing w/ Aggressive Guest, Why He Stopped Doing Pranks & More
Funny Marco

The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 283 – Funny Marco Talks Bobbi Althoff, Dealing w/ Aggressive Guest, Why He Stopped Doing Pranks & More

Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. On this episode, Funny Marco joins the cast to discuss dealing with aggressive guests, why he stood doing pranks and more.

“Where is Funny Marco from?” asked Ferrari.

“Marco is from Kansas City, Missouri,” said Funny Marco.

“What brought you to Atlanta?” asked Ferrari.

“A random guy hit me up and said, ‘Do I need a manager,’ I was like, yeah, So I flew to Atlanta,” said Funny Marco.

Funny Marco talks about his first time going viral and shared that he never sits in the moment. He’s always ready to do it again. “If they like that, I gotta give them something else to like,” said Funny Marco.

“You really can’t with the internet. It’s like as soon as the next day comes, it’s over,” said BT.

“A lot of people’s pranks online are fake. Has any of your stuff ever been scripted?” asked BT.

“Moments I had to put somebody on. If you had business and you could act, I would do it,” said Funny Marco.

“Who inspired you to be a comedian?” asked OCT.

“I had a lot of jobs, and I was finessing them. My cousin had a resume, and it was good. He gave it to me, and I used it,” said Funny Marco.

Funny Marco shared that he would be interested in being an actor. “I like a challenge. As much as you may feel like you’re doing something right because people will let you know.”

“What inspired you to start your show?” asked Ferrari.

“I used to do it on the street,” said Funny Marco.

“How do you study for your guest?” asked BT.

“I stay up on YouTube and look at stuff. Sometimes, the night before,” said Funny Marco.

“Marco is now this super huge entity. How does this affect your personal life?” asked Ferrari.

Funny Marco shared that Ray Daniels showed him how to make money properly.

“What is Marco’s personal life like? Is Marco in a relationship?” asked Ferrari.

“I got a little, she in LA. It’s like we go back and forth,” said Funny Marco.

Funny Marco shared that their kids play together.

“How do you like standup?” asked BT.

“It’s very, very open with sharing my mind. Getting into standup is what people don’t see,” said Funny Marco.

“What mistakes have happened along the way?” asked Ferrari.

“I haven’t had a mistake that I’ve endured publicly,” said Funny Marco

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