Is Future Releasing Another Album Friday?

Is Future Releasing Another Album Friday?

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On February 17, Future delivered his self-titled album. Featuring 17 tracks, Future left little-t0-no room for radio play for this album.

The album didn’t cater to casual fans of Future. It was meant more for his core listeners—taking us back to his Pluto days. Now, just because he just released new music, doesn’t mean the Freebandz general isn’t game to release more music.

According to HitsDailyDouble, Future will be releasing yet another album this Friday (Feb. 24). More “rhythmic-leaning and radio-friendly,” we may be able to finally hear the Chance The Rapper collaborative track with Future, titled “My Peak.”

“I feel like I just want to go back to being more underground, just reconnecting to my fans…never being disconnected to my core fans…they wanna hear that Pluto talk.”

As you take a listen to Future’s new album, you’ll notice a more underground sound. Producers such as Southside, 808 Mafia, Zaytoven, and Metro Boomin helped soundscape this album. These are the same producers that helped Future on his run that began in 2014 with his Monster mixtape.

It wouldn’t come as a huge surprise if Future did decide to release an album this Friday. Reflecting back to how he maneuvered through the last couple of years, it would be almost shocking if this didn’t happen.

“My Peak” with Chance The Rapper, “Used to This” with Drake; Future has plenty of radio tracks to offer us if he does choose this route. He’s at the point where he can dip in and out of the mainstream world and into the underground as well. One thing is for certain, Future will never forget about his core following.

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