Future Sued By Mother of Child Eliza Seraphin

Future Sued By Baby Mama Eliza Seraphin, Claims He Threatened To Have Her Killed During Pregnancy

The mother of Future’s child, Eliza Seraphin, has filed a lawsuit against the rapper for allegedly slandering her name and threatening her in an attempt to make her get an abortion.

Future and Seraphin have been going head-to-head in court these past few weeks, mostly over the paternity of Seraphin’s child. During their legal battle, both parties accused the other of several things. Future claimed Seraphin was mentally unstable and requested that a judge make her undergo a psychological evaluation. On her end, Seraphin said Future has tried to harass and “financially drain” in an attempt to get her to dismiss her paternity case. DNA test results have since confirmed Future is the father of Seraphin’s child.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

But now, Seraphin has filed a countersuit against the Atlanta native saying Future has made a slew of false allegations against her, including claims that she sleeps around for money. He has also allegedly referred to her as a “hoe” and claimed she “stole” his last name, according to TMZ. The outlet obtained court documents from Seraphin that accuse Future of texting her, saying, “Let your lawyers speak for u at this point! u bogus, stole my last name now u want to b relevant jus fall back off the net trying to to prove a point.” She says he also texted her, “TMZ, this bitch stole my last name. I think that’s what I heard! I will never respect a clout chasing bitch NEVERRRRRRR FOH.”

Seraphin says she and Future had an intimate relationship for two years and during that time participated in unprotected sex. Seraphin says Future has repeatedly tried to tarnish her name with lies that she sleeps around for money. She also says the rapper allegedly threatened to have her killed while she was pregnant, “in an attempt to coerce her to terminate her pregnancy.” The threats got so bad Seraphin says that she reported them to the police, TMZ reports.

Seraphin is suing Future for libel, slander, and emotional stress.

FUture and ELiza

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