Future Wants Alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign To Get Checked For Mental Disorders, Other Baby Mama Wins Paternity Court Battle Against Him

Future claims the alleged mother of his child, #ElizaSeraphin, is obsessed with him and needs to be mentally examined.

This could be Future’s seventh child, and Seraphin has been trying to prove it for the past few months, in a nasty back-and-forth online battle. Seraphin has repeatedly taken shots at the rapper, alleging that he refuses to accept her daughter as his own and step up as a father.  Meanwhile, Future thinks she’s just totally obsessed and believes she is suffering from a mental disorder.

TMZ obtained documents that include statements from Future claiming that Seraphin has a history of violence and has been arrested before for attacking her exes with firearms. He goes on to say that she is emotionally unstable, and her recent behavior online shows that she has mental health issues.

While Future doesn’t mention whether he is the child’s father or not, he does note that Seraphin allegedly took fertility pills in order to trap a rich man by getting pregnant. He claims she only had the baby so she could receive money from child support. Future previously called out Seraphin for allegedly being a fraud after she filed a paternity lawsuit against him in Florida, in which she claimed he impregnated her and then left her after she gave birth. Future wants Seraphin to be analyzed for mental health issues, saying he is concerned that she may not a fit mother for the child.

In the meantime, while Future handles that matter, he is also juggling another paternity lawsuit from his now-proven baby mama, #CindyParker. Bossip reports that a judge agreed to allow Parker the right to serve Future with her paternity lawsuit. Parker can now move forward with her case after struggling to find Future in order to serve him the complaint. When Future is served, he will have at least three weeks to respond to Parker’s case, or he risks being given a default judgment.

Parker filed a DNA test as a part of her case, which proved that her baby boy was more than 99 percent likely to be half-siblings with Seraphin’s daughter. Parker sued the 36-year-old rapper last year over paternity. The mother has stayed quiet on the matters between the two, however, she posted a quote from Jay-Z on social media on Thursday that read, “A man that don’t take care of his family can’t be rich.”

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