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Gabrielle Union Unphased By Cheating Backlash; “At Least Listen To The Whole Thing”

Gabrielle Union is unbothered by people dragging her for cheating on her former husband.

The “Being Mary Jane” star has been the topic of scrutiny for weeks since her appearance on the “Armchair Expert” podcast. There, she confessed to feeling “entitled” to cheat on her ex-husband, former NFL pro Chris Howard. The two would eventually divorce due to his infidelity but not before she indulged in a bit of her own. According to Union, she was the breadwinner during the relationship after Howard was cut from the NFL, which gave her permission to cheat. While speaking with host Dax Shepherd during that January 2nd episode, she referred to infidelity as “the spoils of riches.”

Of course, social media had a lot to say about her revelation. Women felt that she was well within her right to explore other options if her man wasn’t, while men found her comments to be despicable, sparking battle of the sexes style debates across timelines. Luckily, Union is secure within herself and says anyone who had an issue with her cheating past should know the full story before passing judgment.

“If you’re gonna get your panties in a twist about something I’ve been talking about since 2005 — in not one but two New York Times best-selling books — at least listen to the whole thing,” she said in a statement to “Entertainment Tonight” about the backlash.

Union feels that the anger is rooted in misogyny, with people only reacting because, as a woman, she is not supposed to be “dysfunctional.”

Union is now in a happy and healthy marriage with former NBA star Dwyane Wade, whom she wed in 2014.

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