The Game Ordered To Pay Viacom More Than $32k In Legal Fees After Losing $20 Million Lawsuit

After losing his $20 million lawsuit earlier this year, rapper The Game has been ordered to pay Viacom $32,000 to cover the company’s legal fees.

The Blast has obtained court documents that show a judge granted Viacom’s motion for attorney fees and ordered The Game to pay a total of $32,528.80. Originally, the company sought more than $35,000. This all stems from a lawsuit that was filed against the west coast rapper by a cast member, #PriscillaRainey, on his VH1 show, who accused him of sexually assaulting her. She ended up winning her case.

Viacom demanded The Game pay their legal fees after they successfully got his case dismissed this past June. But last year, Game filed a lawsuit against Viacom for $20 million because he claimed they should be liable for the $7.1 million Rainey sued him for. According to Game’s argument, Viacom was responsible for casting Rainey, regardless of her criminal past. Game claims Viacom knew of her several felony charges, which included battery. He also went on to claim that they knew about her mental health issues.



Instead of providing evidence for why they shouldn’t be liable, the company sought to have the case dismissed. On June 5, the judge decided to dismiss the lawsuit.

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