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Games vs. Value By: @milagreee

“I don’t play games, and I cant stand when women play games.” How many of us have heard this line before? BAHAHAHA. They just believe they don’t like to “play games” but ultimately, it is a man’s job or his position to “play games.” It isn’t per say playing games, its chasing. Men love the chase. Value comes with work.

Things that are handed over to you are not valuable and same goes for women. Now, a man will say absolutely anything in order to get you. Some men do view it as a game but subconsciously, some others don’t even realize that they’re playing. These are the one complaining about how all women do is play games with them and they cant find anyone to take them seriously.
When the situation is turned around, and he finds a girl that shows him just how much she likes him, he no longer has the same interest in her.

It isnt about games, no one is playing games here. It is about some what selling yourself, showing that you have some sort of value. You have to be pursued, other wise he doesn’t stand a chance with you. Which, ultimately, you have to believe in order to put to work.

Lets use an example: Mary and Gary went on a date, Gary brought flowers, told Mary everything she wanted to hear and swept her off her feet. Mary decided she wasn’t really sure about Gary so she ignored him a little bit, felt less inclined to speak to him, she wasn’t sure if they would work out. All of a sudden, flowers show up at her job, Gary wants to see her all the time, and wont leave her alone. Mary starts to slowly fall for Gary and she slowly but surely lets him know that she feels the same way that he allegedly feels. Gary hasn’t really valued her yet, and she’s already making him feel like a king.
Gary starts to back off slowly, he just isn’t as interested as he was in the beginning.

What went wrong? When Mary genuinely ignored him, he couldn’t figure out what went wrong. He wasn’t sure if he did or said something but she presented something to him, value. She became somewhat valuable because Gary threw out all the stops and she just wasn’t having it. It wasn’t enough. So Gary tried a little harder, and she caved. But he didn’t have to work hard enough so her value wasn’t high enough for him. Meaning that ultimately, she just wasn’t as valuable in his eyes anymore and he was over it.

That’s just how it works. The more a man invests in you the more he wants you. When you actually go out of your way to please him in the beginning stages, all you are doing is lowering your value in his eyes. And that’s when the disappearing act begins. Let me make something extremely clear, it doesn’t matter how many times a man says “but I’m different, I don’t like games and I don’t like girls that play games,” its crap. He might not be playing on purpose but he’s definitely playing but remember that the ball is in your court. Always.

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