Gary Owen’s Wife Responds To His Statements Made on “The Wendy Williams Show”

Gary Owen’s Wife Responds To His Statements Made on “The Wendy Williams Show”

Things between Gary Owen and his estranged wife, Kenya Duke, continue to escalate in the wrong direction. On Friday, she made a lengthy Instagram post slamming the comedian following his recent appearance and statements made on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“Gary, while I am not pressed, I am highly irritated,” she started. Duke then went on to call him out for talking about her “all the time” on stage and in conversations.

She was nice enough to compliment her estranged husband by saying she thought he looked nice during his appearance but quickly switched tones.

“..I was shocked you spent most of your time talking about me, the divorce, son and daughter. If the streets are that good to you, then why waste that opportunity and not talk about upcoming projects, club dates, what you are learning in the streets as an older guy, maybe finding out what the host likes to do, she was obviously interested,” she wrote on his appearance and questioned why he didn’t shut down Wendy Williams when asked about his personal life.

According to her, he was sent to the show by his “public relations machine” to do damage control after being called out as a deadbeat, but apparently, he never talked about his movie.

She also blasted him for mentioning a story that happened seven years ago with their son because evidently, he has no current story involving his son. She then moved on to how he canceled seeing his child back in April, two days before they were supposed to meet. She accuses Owen of lying about the real reason he had to cancel.

Kenya says he didn’t invite his son and daughter to the show but says he did allow “Lisa’s daughter” to be there with him. It’s not clear who Lisa is, but Kenya made sure to ask him, “Does Lisa care about your relationship with your children?”

She then went on to call him out on not making time to see the children or establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with them.

“As their father, their example and protector, their peace and well-being should be priority. The text relationship is a joke and not worth discussing.”

Hopefully, the two make amends for the sake of the kids.

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