Gas Shortage Causes Fight At North Carolina Gas Station

The Colonial Pipeline shutdown had several people knuckin’ and buckin’ at a North Carolina gas station.

Cellphone footage captured the moment when a woman attempted to cut the line during panic buying at a Marathon gas station in Knightdale, N.C. The clip shows the woman spitting into the driver’s side of a gray Honda waiting near pump number ten. The male driver then exits the vehicle and spits at the woman’s face. Soon after, they began throwing blows, and the woman then tore the man’s shirt.

The video shows the man throwing the woman’s cell phone in the street. The witness who recorded the debacle told the local news that the fight broke out over the woman cutting the line by driving her car into the side of the man’s car.

Both were arrested and charged with assault. The woman was charged with simple assault and the man was charged with assault on a female and damage to personal property. Both were cited and released with their court date pending.

Thankfully, the Colonial Pipeline has returned to operations following a cyberattack that supplied gas for much of the eastern U.S. Hopefully, no more violence erupts.

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