George Floyd's Family Could Also Include Candace Owens, Others in Lawsuit
Candace Owens

George Floyd’s Family Could Also Include Candace Owens, Others in Lawsuit

George Floyd‘s family could include Candace Owens and others in their lawsuit over Kanye “Ye” West‘s comments about Floyd’s murder.

During a conversation with TMZ, the legal team that is representing Floyd’s daughter Gianna, said there are no names that are off the table when it comes to the individuals who are involved in making slanderous comments about Floyd, who former police officer Derek Chauvin killed in 2020.

Both Owens and West have been making false claims about Floyd and his murder, with West saying Chauvin “wasn’t even on his neck like that.” Owens has been referring to Floyd’s murder as the “greatest lie ever sold,” which is the title of a documentary the conservative leads.

The family named an amount of $250 million in damages that they’d want in return for the potential defendants’ actions, TMZ reports.

Owens seems to have responded to the family’s legal team, saying, “What I love so much about George Floyd family’s lawyers is how they keep talking to TMZ. about “lies” in my documentary but keep neglecting to specify what the lies were! My documentary told NO LIES. They are simply angry that we exposed theirs and are running P.R. for B.L.M.”

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