George Zimmerman Released On Bond

George Zimmerman is a free man again for the time being. Earlier this week Zimmerman was arrested for allegedly pulling a shot gun on his pregnant girlfriend, then locking her out of her own house. The incident was said to have happened after an argument which was to believed to be about the two going their separate ways. Zimmerman was packing his belongings when he became irate, taking the shot gun out of the case, breaking a glass coffee table and pointing it at his soon to be ex. Pointing guns at his ex is common for Zimmerman, he did the same to his estranged wife’s father. Something his ex girlfriend was present to see (yet she stayed with him).


Sanford police released Zimmerman around 4:30pm, Tuesday afternoon. Zimmerman was being held on charges of assault, battery, domestic violence and criminal mischief. The judge set a bond of $9,000 and ordered Zimmerman not make any contact with the victim, not leave the state of Florida, and not possess any firearms or ammunition as he
awaits his January 7, 2014 arraignment. He also must wear an electronic monitoring system around his ankle.


Prosecutors originally went for a $50,000 bond. Zimmerman’s ex girlfriend told prosecutors she feared for her life and that this wasn’t the only incident where Zimmerman harmed her. The victim says that Zimmerman choked her a week and a half ago but the incident went unreported. She also said that Zimmerman talked about suicide. Knowing this crazy guy, he probably planned on taking them both out.


I sincerely hope that the state of Florida is over Zimmerman’s sh** and locks him under the jail at some point.



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