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Georgia Corrections Officer Accused of Smuggling $30k Into Prison For Her Prison-Bae

A correctional officer in Georgia was caught smuggling almost $30,000 to an inmate she was romantically involved with, according to reports,

The money was allegedly used by a prison crime ring to bribe guards at Smith State Prison in Glenville.

Vic Reynolds, the director of the GBI, told WSBTV-2 about the indictment, “I’m not talking about $100 or $500. I’m talking about $29,000 that they brought into the state prison system.”

According to Reynolds, the money was intercepted.

The indictment was filed against Ireon Moore for furnishing prohibited items to inmates and violating her oath. Moore was terminated as a corrections officer in April of 2021.

Deivon Waller, the alleged vice president of a criminal organization inside the prison known as the Yves Saint Laurent Squad, is also charged in the indictment from June 28. At that time, GBI reported that Moore and Waller were romantically involved while Moore was an officer and Waller was an inmate.

Fulton County records indicate Waller had been convicted of several offenses.
He is currently being charged with unauthorized possession of a weapon, possession of prohibited items, meth possession, and other charges.

“We’ve got to stop this,” Reynolds said of the corruption in prison. “We’ve got to make it end soon.”

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