Georgia Police Officer Fired After Viral Tik Tok Video Shows Him Being Aggressive and Tasing An Unarmed Black Woman

Michael Oxford, a now-former Gwinnett County police officer, was fired Friday after being placed on desk duty due to his aggressive and unnecessary tasing of an unarmed black woman.

Oxford was responding to property damage and an alleged assault claim in Loganville, a Gwinnett County police statement reads. Aytra Thomas, a woman on the porch, apparently matched the description of the suspect.

The incident was captured on the homeowner’s surveillance system and after the police reviewed the video, they were able to recognize Aytra Thomas, who was on a porch across the street.

When Oxford approached the women on the porch, Thomas’ daughter Kyndesia Smith, can be heard shouting, “You’re on our property.” When he asked her to quiet down later threatening to throw her in jail, Smith is heard saying, “We did not call you, I’m not going anywhere.”

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, Oxford said the shouting made it “difficult to speak with Aytra and further conduct my investigation” and told Smith she needed to pipe down or move away if she didn’t want to be thrown in jail on obstruction charges.

This led to Oxford’s aggressive behavior — grabbing her, tasing her, and pushing her to the ground.

Smith was charged with felony obstruction and simple battery against a police officer and was released Wednesday after posting a bond.

After an internal investigation made by the department, Oxford was fired.

“Officer Oxford violated our policy and did not meet our core values,” the department stated. “We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that promotes mutual respect within our community and our peers.”

Body Cam Footage:

Tik Tok Video:

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