Georgia Resource Officer Captured On Camera Grabbing Teacher By Neck [Video]

Georgia Resource Officer Captured On Camera Grabbing Teacher By Neck [Video]

A school resource officer is accused of grabbing a substitute teacher by her neck as she tried to break up a fight.

The incident happened inside Eagle’s Landing High School in Henry County. Nia King, 22, was substitute teaching at the school and said she attempted to talk some students out of fighting.

King said she backed away after the students came to blows, WSBTV News reported. Video footage of the fight shows a school resource officer putting their arm around King’s neck and dragging her away.

“Once we pushed down the hall, I got trampled from the left to the right of the hall, and now I’m back into the middle of the fight. As I was back in the middle of the fight, the SRO just grabs me by the neck, and the fight is still continuing to go on, and she dragged me all the way from the middle of the hall towards her office,” King told Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne.

King said once they were inside the SRO’s office, the officer offered aid but, at first, no explanation. “She asked me do I need EMS do, I need the nurse, and do I need some water. I just told her I just need you to leave because you just drug me from that point to this point, and I couldn’t breathe, but you wouldn’t talk,” said King. “She stepped out, and then she came back in and told me oh, I was trying to save you. I was trying to save you because they say you got hit.”

King isn’t going for his excuse. She says that even though she has been mistaken for a student at the school before, she’s met the SRO involved several times.

Henry County Police Captain Randy Lee says they are working with the school but cannot provide l case specifics. However, he did say their training division does not teach chokeholds or neck restraints.

Henry County Schools emailed Channel 2 Action News the following statement: “There is a pending investigation into this matter. No further information is available at this time.”


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