Getting “Flewed Out”? Tips To Stay Safe And Avoid Post-Trip Embarrassment

While those “free trip” offers in your DMs may seem enticing, not everyone is who they say they are…and in many cases, they don’t have what they say they have. We’re all familiar with ‘Catfish,’ right? Well, now that getting “flewed out” is the new thing in dating and meeting new people, here are a few tips to help make sure you not only make it back home alive and in one piece, but you also have a great story to tell. Not the next viral atrocity.

Make sure you have ALL confirmations before getting on the airplane. Make sure the return flight is confirmed! Common sense is not so common these days, so this is the most important tip that still needs to be shared. Flight confirmations, hotel confirmations, rental car confirmations, all need to be easily accessible while traveling. Don’t take anyone’s word for it when it comes to your safety, especially while traveling.

Do not make plans with a complete stranger. If you’re interested in meeting someone in person, try to get to know them and who they associate with first. Y’all read the news, human/sex trafficking is rampant right now, so don’t let a thirst trap get you in some serious sh*t. And it’s 2019, if you haven’t FaceTimed or video chatted with the person, that’s an obvious sign they are hiding something.

Bring emergency funds with you. All types of unforeseen situations can occur while traveling and when in an urgent or emergency situation, the last thing you want to be is dependent on another person to help you out financially. And when it comes to being “flewed out” for a romantic rendezvous, make sure you AT LEAST have enough money in case things go left and homeboy decides to renege on any previous arrangements. You got it your damn self!

Make sure someone knows where you’re going. Even if you’re trying to keep the trip a secret from those close to you, at least tell someone you come in contact with regularly, like your child’s daycare teacher or your nail tech. You can casually mention that you’re going on a trip and provide brief details of your plans in the unfortunate event something goes wrong. And NEVER become unreachable while away, keep your phone charged and your charger handy.

Do not have high expectations. Although you may be being accommodated by someone else, do not feel obligated to do everything they want. Which is why it is good to have your own funds so no one can dictate your time. If you meet someone and quickly realize it’s not a vibe, you can either hop back on a flight and go home, or you can stay for your allotted time in the city and enjoy it for yourself. Get your own room, own car, and turn that dud of a date into a mini-vacay.

Expectations also include sex; it’s not mandatory. Period. However, it is highly suggested to discuss intentions prior to the visit to have a clear understanding of what physical boundaries there are during the visit. And a pro-tip to further avoid confusion when it comes to sexual expectations, ask for your own hotel room out the gate. Do not agree to spend the night with anyone you do not feel comfortable with being highly vulnerable around. Sleepovers aren’t like when we were kids anymore.

Staying vigilant and not becoming complacent in detail and interactions are ultimately the most important tips to staying safe and having a good time out of town. But the absolute BEST advice is to just use CashApp. So go respond to those DMs and just have them send you the money, honey!


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