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Maxwell and Epstein
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Ghislaine Maxwell Will Reportedly Cooperate With Feds After Allegedly Grooming Underage Girls For Epstein; Prince Andrew Is Allegedly Nervous

According to Page Six, #JeffreyEpstein’s former mentor, #StevenHoffenberg, 75, has revealed that #GhislaineMaxwell has decided to cooperate with the feds on charges brought against her for allegedly grooming underage women to have sex with him.

In a statement to the UK’s Sun, Hoffenberg state’s that Maxwell will “totally cooperate.” He also mentioned that #PrinceAndrew “may be very concerned,” with her working with authorities.

“There’s a lot of people very worried, a lot of powerful people been named [involved with the scandal], and she knows everything,” Hoffenberg added.

The investigators who busted Maxwell for her involvement in the scandal, have also confirmed that they still want to talk to the prince as well, fearing that she could turn on him in the process.

Maxwell, 58, is being charged for her alleged involvement in sex crimes that took place at her London townhouse. Andrew has also been of sleeping with a 17-year-old minor at the same location, by an Epstein “sex slave,” the outlet reports.

“Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue,” the Buckingham Palace said in a previously released statement.

Attempting to clear his name, Andrew also spoke on the case stating that “at no stage during the limited time I spent with [Epstein] did I see, witness or suspect any behavior of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction,” according to the Sun.

Hoffenberg is currently working with Epstein’s victims and is also in communication with Maxwell’s spokesperson, the outlet reports.

“She was convinced she wasn’t getting arrested, I speak to her spokesperson all the time,” Hoffenberg stated. “She’s definitely someone who I understand quite well, I’m able to articulate how she feels right now, the tragedy she’s involved in now is horrible. … If they keep her in prison, she’ll crack in two seconds. She’s not able to take that sort of cruel punishment. Prison is too tough and hard, she’ll have to be in solitary confinement, and she’ll snap.”

Hoffenberg who has spent 18 years in prison for a Ponzi scheme (that he alleges Epstein was part of as well) and three and a half years in solitary confinement as retaliation for performing legs work for inmates against prison officials, says Maxwell will never be able to handle such a punishment.

“I know the confinement, and I know how hard it is for people to adjust. It’s too painful, very psychologically painful, and she’ll never be able to take it,” he added. “It’s very painful, the suffering is enormous, I believe she’s already agreed to cooperate, which means her incarceration would be much more comfortable.”

Maxwell and Epstein
Getty Images

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