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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Request To Keep Documents Sealed That Contain “Critical New Information”

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell are fighting to keep documents sealed after they came across “critical new information.”

In a court filing Monday, the lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam didn’t go into detail about what information they discovered but said that it should be protected from being released in her civil case.

In fact, according to reports, the documents they’re asking to be sealed is her deposition, which could contain damaging information about the alleged sex ring run by her and Epstein.

The move comes a few weeks after a New York judge ordered a ton of documents to be unsealed that painted Maxwell as a sex trafficker along with Epstein.

It also came as her team complained about Maxwell’s conditions inside the Brooklyn jail, where she’s being held until her trial next summer.

Her lawyers say she is still in solitary confinement and is searched multiple times a day with guards watching her at all times.

However, she has been taken off suicide watch, which is a big step considering her longtime associate Epstein supposedly killed himself while in jail awaiting trial.

“Ms. Maxwell is being treated worse than other similarly situated pretrial detainees, which significantly impacts her ability to prepare a defense,” her lawyer said in a letter.

He asks that Maxwell “be released to the general population and be granted the privileges given to other pretrial detainees.”

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