Giant Oreos Stuffed With Crushed Oreos Are Heading To A Store Near You

What’s better than one Oreo? A giant Oreo stuffed with more Oreos, and that is precisely the type of chaos that snackers can appreciate.

One thing Oreo has never shied away from is the creation of new flavors, such as the adored holiday pumpkin spiced or the fun-filled confetti-inspired offering. While these have all been a big hit amongst cookie lovers, the latest innovation is the brand’s most ambitious effort to date.

The Most Oreo Oreo includes a larger amount of cream filling positioned between the chocolate wafers. However, it’s the filling that holds the key to the new formula. For the first time ever, small Oreos have been crumbled up and injected into the creamy center. Imagine an Oreo cookie sandwich with cookies-n-creme ice cream lodged in the middle. This pretty much sums up this sweet tooth satisfier minus the cold custard effect.

The 110-year-old brand is so confident in the success of its new dessert they’ve offered a “notify” button on its website where customers will receive an alert the moment “The Most Oreo Oreo” goes on sale. Retailers across the country will begin selling the massive treat on January 30th. Grabbing a pack in-store offers a slight discount of $4.99, whereas online will run buyers around $5.29.

The experience does not stop with the mere purchase of this new snack King. A QR code printed on the packaging unlocks games and contests within the online Oreoverse. Only people who use this code can access the virtual reality, which is inaccessible from the company’s website.

Oreo enthusiasts should not drag their feet, considering there are no plans to keep them around long-term. Limited edition means just that, friends, so act fast.

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