New York Giants GM Says “Culture Problem” Was The Reason Behind Odell Beckham Jr Trade, Beckham Responds

New York Giant’s General Manager David Gettleman recently spoke with regarding the infamous trade of their star WR Odell Beckham Jr., explaining what he felt the problem was. 

Gettleman said, “I think some people are still missing it. Football is the ultimate team game. If all 11 guys aren’t doing the right thing, you’re not going to be successful. There’s more to it than just collecting talent. There is a cultural thing to it that’s critical. I have not been on a team that’s gone to a Super Bowl that’s had a culture problem.” 

When asked if a culture problem is what the Giants had, Gettleman stated, “Not anymore.” He continued, “What I find interesting, there are people reporting and making judgments on what I do and how I do my job who don’t know the game, who have never been involved with a team and have just been on the outside looking in.”

Odell Beckham caught wind of his former GM’s remarks via Twitter and retweeted the Hot New Hip Hop article along with laughing emojis and the caption, “this was by far one of the funniest things I’ve seen today!”

The Browns now have a very talented roster, let’s see how John Dorsey feels next season.

Odell Beckham Culture problem
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