Giants' Kicker Josh Brown Admitted to Domestic Abuse in Journal Entries

Giants’ Kicker Josh Brown Admitted to Domestic Abuse in Released Journal Entries


In May 2015, Giants Kicker, Josh Brown was arrested for domestic abuse against his wife. The arrest, led to a fourth-degree domestic violence charge, which was dropped five days later, reports state. As a result of the arrest, Josh was suspended one game, for a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy. Apparently, after the arrest, Brown’s wife released several documents, in which Brown admitted to the abuse. Brown’s then-wife had accused him of abuse “more than 20 times. However, when publicly explaining the incident, Brown described it as “just a moment.”

Fast forward, one year (and some months) later, Brown’s abusive past has resurfaced.

On Wednesday, the King’s County Sheriff’s Office released the documented confessions, in the form of journal entries.

In an entry obtained by SNY, Brown said he had physically, emotionally and verbally abused his wife, calling himself a repulsive man. “I have abused my wife,” he wrote and circled.

In addition to the personal journal entries, officials released Brown’s email’s to his then-wife, as well as a letter he wrote to his friends.

“I have been a liar for most of my life,” Brown wrote the letter, as part of counseling for the couple. “I made selfish decisions to use and abuse women starting at the age of seven to fill this void. My ability to connect emotionally to other people was zero. My empathy levels were zero,” Brown wrote in 2014. Apparently, it all stemmed from his own abuse as a young child.

“Because I never handled these underlying issues I became an abuser and hurt Molly physically, emotionally, and verbally. I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave.”

In another document from 2013, called “Contract for Change”, Brown details his actions towards Molly.

“I have controlled her by making her feel less human than me, and manipulated her with money,” the document read. “I have disregarded my step sons’ feelings and they have witnessed me abusing their mother.”

The Sheriff’s Office released at least 165 pages of admissions. All explaining the constant abuse Brown put his then-wife through. In some cases, Brown seemed to be sorry for his behavior, but, based on the timeline, the abuse did not stop.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Giants have yet to respond to the new information about their kicker, and his confessions. However, after Brown’s 2015 arrest, the team was supportive of the NFL baller.

It is not clear if the team or the league knew about the confessions during their investigation into Brown’s arrest.

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