Florida Girl Awarded $800,000 After McDonald's Chicken Nugget Scalded Her

Florida Girl Awarded $800,000 After McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Scalded Her

A Florida girl was awarded a hefty lump sum after receiving second-degree burns from a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget.

Olivia Caraballo and her family were awarded $800,000 from Mcdonald’s and the franchise owner to be distributed in two parts: $400,000 for her initial injuries and another $400,000 to be disbursed in the future. A jury trial determined that she was entitled to the funds from the frightening 2019 incident, which occurred when she was just four. On that fateful day, her mother, Philana Holmes, visited a McDonald’s location in Tamarac. After ordering chicken nugget Happy Meals for her son and daughter, one fell out onto the child’s leg. The food was piping hot, leaving the little girl burned. The incident left behind a scar still visible on the now eight-year-old. Holmes’ son was not harmed.

The family sought $15 million but believes that the much lower payment is admirable. Holmes testified that she was not given any forewarning that the nuggets were excessively hot. After one landed on her daughter, it became wedged between her thigh and the seatbelt, causing the child great agony. McDonald’s fired back, claiming that their nuggets are only heated enough to decrease the chances of salmonella but not hot enough to scald anyone. Ultimately, it was ruled that the fast food chain and the location’s operator were liable for Caraballo’s pain and suffering.

“I’m actually just happy that they listened to Olivia’s voice, and the jury was able to decide a fair judgment,” Holmes shared with reporters while leaving the courthouse.

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