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Girl Scout Cookies Prices Have Increased Again Due To The Rise Of Inflation

Inflation has affected everything from gas to groceries and now Girl Scout cookies!

Cookies from certain troops are now being priced at $6 per box, which is an increase from last year’s $5 per package. While some newer cookies, such as S’mores and Toffee-tastic, were already priced at $6, this cost hike now applies to other sought-after cookie varieties in regions like New York and Massachusetts.

The rise in cookie prices is a result of inflation affecting the costs of ingredients and various aspects of the cookie-making process. The Girl Scouts have a history of selling cookies for over a century to fund local council and troop activities. Initially, these treats were sold for 25 cents to 30 cents per dozen, with the aim of teaching members skills such as business ethics and marketing.

“Each of our 111 Girl Scout councils sets local Girl Scout Cookie prices based on several factors,” a GS spokesperson said. “In some instances, councils are faced with the tough decision to raise the prices. Though prices have remained steady in many areas for a number of years.”

Last month, inflation experienced a yearly increase of 3.7%, marking a decrease from the peak of 9.1% reported in June 2022. The cookies, typically available for sale from January to April, were priced at approximately $4 per box back in 2014.

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