Girl Talk – How To Handle A Frenemy

Our last few topics have been about the men in our lives, so today we’re gonna switch it up just a bit….. I wanted to talk about Jealous Girls.. Who are these girls? I mean, I see them, and they have friends- or at least they look like they do, they have people around them. This got me thinking- i’ve had my fair share of “frenemy” and it does take a while to notice when they’re in your group, but once they’re IN- they’re IN. This also got me thinking about what exactly is going on in the minds of these chicks that makes them this way? For example : when I’m stepping out for a much needed girls night, I want to look my best, but I also want to make sure EVERYONE I’m with looks their best, I want No One looking a mess, because that’s a reflection on ME, and the company I keep. So I for sure will be the 1st to tell a friend, “Please don’t wear that, your ass is too damn big” and that goes both ways- I’d expect nothing less from them, but this girl I’m speaking about purposely wants the other girls in her group to look worse than she does because her mentality is, “the worse they look they better I look.”

This frenemy is also usually not very spot on with trends, from my experience anyway. They’ll try a trend- it doesn’t look quite right on them, and if anyone tries to say anything about it, oh forget it! The fight is on! It’s like; she doesn’t know when to accept that a real friend is just trying to help you to not look stupid girl, why can’t you accept the tips? Personal opinion as to why they can’t or refuse to accept the tips- because they are so conceited that if They are wearing something a certain way, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, it MUST be the right and ONLY way to wear it, no matter how much of a hot mess she looks. Furthermore- since you pointed out earlier in the day that her shoes really didn’t look so cute with that skirt, maybe she should try a wedge, oh honey- you’d best believe this girl holds a grudge. The next time y’all go out, and you ask advice, she will be bound and determined to try and screw your ass up, just out of spite. Doing things like telling you that electric blue eye shadow looks so perfect with that neon green racer back top she encouraged you to buy earlier. Just FYI- it won’t look good-

So, we know theres a frenemy among us, how to we deal? Do we tell everyone, and look like “that” mean girl trying to get everyone against this other chick for some unknown reason? I don’t think that’s the correct route to take. I prefer the let her hang herself route. Example you ask? Sure!!! So while in a group setting, when she compliments a totally wack ass outfit one of your besties is on the fence about, let Ms. Thang do her preaching about how totally cute it is, then come in after and do what you do- which is be honest! It will take some guts, but if you’re right, and you’ve got your friends back, the other girls will side with you- leaving the jerk all alone to fend for herself. I suggest this route with almost everything she does that’s a jerk move. Let her give her asshole opinion 1st, then follow it up with your true thoughts and show you’ve got your friends back, and her looks in your best interest- this should shut down the frenemy pretty quickly! Hopefully everyone else will see her for who she truly is too- but this is just my approach, to try and keep it Classy and Sassy!! Whats yours??? Can’t wait to read your comments!!!!


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