Gizelle Bryant Didn't Speak On Juan Dixon Cheating Rumors on 'RHOP': Says She ‘Forgot About It'

Gizelle Bryant Didn’t Speak On Juan Dixon Cheating Rumors on ‘RHOP’: Says She ‘Forgot About It’

Gizelle Bryant is moving in silence, well, at least when it comes to cheating allegations of her best friend’s husband.

The Real Housewives of Potomac star’s best friend Robyn Dixon was slammed on social media last month after she admitted on their Reasonably Shady podcast that her husband, Juan Dixon, was conversing with a woman in Canada during the pandemic, PEOPLE reported.

Juan allegedly paid for the woman’s hotel stay when she visited Maryland.

However, Robyn denied he had cheated. But the unnamed woman involved says differently.

The said incident apparently took place before the filming of the reality show’s season 7 and before Juan remarried Robyn. Still, the scandal never came up on the Bravo show, with the BFFs staying quiet even as similar accusations came up for other cast members.

When Robyn appeared on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” she was grilled about the affair, and the same for Gizelle, who stood firm on how she handled it.

“It was just not really my story to tell,” she said. “And I’m going to support my friend.”

“I forgot about it, to be quite honest,” Bryant says. “I think people think we film 24-7, 365 days a year. We don’t! And that situation was, like, months and months prior to us filming.”

Bryant, a mother of three, says bringing up old stuff isn’t something she partakes in. “People need to understand, we film in a vacuum. We film certain months. And it’s about what’s happening in those months,” Bryant says. “Robyn and Juan were at a great place — I mean, she was planning her wedding! I didn’t get why everybody was like, ‘She should have talked about it because it happened.’ I don’t want to bring up when my boyfriend cheated on me in high school. But y’all want me to?”

“We dealt with it, we moved on from it. I don’t know why I would say, ‘Hey guys, pick me, let’s talk about my issues.’ … It wasn’t an issue at that moment when we were filming. … It wasn’t relevant to where we were in that present time.”

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