Exclusive: RHOP Star Gizelle Bryant Responds to Critics Telling Her to Quit the Show: "If I'm Not There, the Show is Not Going on" [Video]

Exclusive: RHOP Star Gizelle Bryant Responds to Critics Telling Her to Quit the Show: “If I’m Not There, the Show is Not Going on” [Video]

Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant is used to dealing with critics. In fact, throughout the past two seasons, she’s been accused of being a mean girl towards the other women. Bryant has since denied any attempts at being malicious towards the ladies, but some RHOP fans disagree.

Recently, critics told the star to quit RHOP. However, the reality TV star says she’s here to stay. In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, Bryant says she will be present if there is a season seven.

“If I’m not there, the show is not going on,” she said. “I sometimes think when you are the life of the show and when you keep the train moving — you just have haters.”

Although catching heat from fans can be mentally and emotionally draining, Bryant is not bothered one bit. “I really like the haters because that lets me know I’m doing my job. And I do it well.”

Last season, Nicki Minaj took over hosting duties from Andy Cohen for part four of the reunion special. Things did get pretty spicy between the cast and Nicki, but Bryant says she and Nicki are on great terms.

“Nicki is amazing. She sent my kids Gucci bags for Christmas,” said Bryant. “To be honest, she came in and did that reunion, and I could tell she’s a fan since day one. If we got Nicki to be a fan of our show– we’re doing something good in these streets.

The 52-year-old is newly single and said she’s dating, but she’s “keeping it casual.”

“Right now, I’m just concentrating on my kids. A relationship is on the back burner until my kids are a little further out the door,” Bryant said.

Fans are anticipating season 7, but a date has not been released yet. Earlier seasons of “RHOP” have typically premiered in late spring, but both Seasons 5 and 6 started in the summer of 2020 and 2021, so it’s likely that Season 7 will debut in the Summer of 2022.

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