Gloria Govan Finishes Court Ordered Classes And Now Wants Custody Schedule Rearranged

“Basketball Wives” star Gloria Govan and ex-wife to Matt Barnes has finished her court-ordered parenting and anger management courses. Now, Govan wants to get a custody modification because she feels it’s in the best interest of their two children that she regain more custody.

Govan was arrested last year after a heated custody exchange with Barnes at their children’s school. She believes the altercation could have been avoided if a formal holiday schedule was in place during the Labor Day weekend.

The reality star was ordered to complete ten parenting sessions and 26 anger management courses, which she has now finished and believes that they should go back to the 50/50 pre-arrest custody agreement she had with Barnes. Govan says it’s in the best interest of their children to grant her more custody because she believes she can provide a more stable environment for the kids during the school week.

Govan said, “I realize that no matter how much Matt and I may not get along, our children come first and I want to do everything in my power to make sure they are safe, healthy and flourishing emotionally, physically and psychologically.” The judge has taken no action on the request as of yet.

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes

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