Gloria Govan Talks Why She Chose Draya For Basketball Wives


Fresh off the heels of her sister’s disastrous ghetto filled interview with Loop 21, Gloria sits down for an interview of her own. She talks about why she decided to do Basketball Wives LA, not being married to Matt and of course, what we all wanted to know, what the hell is Draya doing on the show!!


Loop 21: So why did you choose Draya Michelle? She’s not tied to a specific basketball player.

Gloria: Draya was chosen on the cast because we met Draya through acting class and she seemed like a real sweetheart. Not necessarily knowing her background per se, but just knowing she had some involvement. She kind of plays the role of Royce I guess you could say, in terms of her role on Basketball Wives L.A. That’s one of the reasons. We just wanted to give everybody a different dynamic, a 3D version of what we have to deal with as wives and different points of view.



I find Gloria to be like night and day when it comes to her sister. From reading the interview she seems to be more well spoken and level headed. Gloria may end up a favorite amongst the LA cast. I do think she found a nice way of giving us some tea on Dray though. By saying Draya will be the “Royce” of the show it’s safe to assume that she means Draya will be the object of all of the hate & drama. Let’s face it, what do Royce and Draya truly have in common? Royce was a NBA cheerleader but at least she had a relationship and baby with a baller. She was linked to a baller very early on, prior to the basketball wives series. Draya on the other hand hasn’t been linked with anyone in particular and why is that? Obviously they want to use her checkered past as ammunition against her. I hope Draya is ready because I suspect there will be a lot of fists flying, drinks being thrown and curse words being used. Will Draya take to her twitter page to call them “haters” too?


I know this will all make for great television. Will you be tuning in?  Basketball Wives LA  premieres on VH1 on Monday, August 29 at 8 PM ET/PT.

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