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GloRilla Addresses Rumors She Spent Three Years In Prison For Stealing Cereal
GloRilla (Getty)

GloRilla Addresses Backlash After Announcing She’s Hiring Personal Assistant With a Salary of $550 a Week [Video]

GloRilla addressed criticism after she received backlash for her personal assistant job opportunity.

On Wednesday, the Grammy nominee rapper posted a job listing to her Facebook account that will allow one lucky person to be her personal assistant. The job pays $550 per week, with the expected duties of managing her calendar, organizing meals, travel accommodations, and other responsibilities.

Shortly after, many fans criticized the rapper for having a low pay rate for such a time-consuming role.

However, GloRilla further explained the job in a video clip and said certain expenses would be covered in addition to the weekly pay.

“First of all, your flights get paid for, your flights and your travel,” she explained. “If you want a higher pay, then pay for your own flights and your own travel and see how much them 500-dollar-a** flight tickets be. … I take flights every day.”

In addition, Glorilla says the possibility of having a higher pay rate as well as having travel expenses paid for is not likely. She also noted that the position’s responsibilities are “the easiest sh*t in the world.”

“Half the sh*t on that list you don’t gotta do for real,” she added. “It’s just, if it comes down to it you might have to do it. But it’s literally the easiest sh*t in the world. You really don’t gotta do sh*t but be with me every day.”

Comedian Lil Duval later came to Glorilla’s defense and tweeted, “Folks really saying $550 a week to be Glorilla assistant ain’t enough. Y’all poasses want ceo salary for an entry-level position.”

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