Glynn County Police Department Conducting Criminal Investigation of Hazing Incident That Left Teen on Ventilator

Glynn County Police Department Conducting Criminal Investigation of Hazing Incident That Left Teen on Ventilator

On March 21, the Southeast Georgia Health Center in Brunswick reported the incident to the police shortly after the boy was dropped off. According to police, the three young men pulled up to the ER on the day in question, registered their names with the hospital, and asked if they could leave before the police arrived. Around 10:40 pm, police responded to the health center.
To assist in the Investigation, the Criminal Investigation Division was contacted.  Police observed no visible physical wounds on the victim, but they did find spray paint.
According to a GoFundMe page for his medical care, Trenton Lehrkamp, 19, has been on a ventilator and near death since he arrived at the hospital after consuming a mixture of controlled substances and alcohol.
“Trent wouldn’t know until it was too late that these were not friends, but vile and abusive perpetrators who would go on to torture, humiliate, and assault him in inhumane, terrifying ways for hours,” the GoFundMe read. “He was dropped off in front of the ER doors. He was deemed inconclusive to life, only passing six breaths per minute. Since that evening, Trent has been on a ventilator in the ICU, battling fevers and a lung infection.”
Police executed a search warrant on several residences in St. Simons Island the day after Lehrkamp’s hospitalization, where several items of evidence were gathered and recorded.
Detectives have questioned several teenagers connected to the incident, and more is being done.
The victim and his family are fully cooperating with G.C.P.D. and the Investigation, having been interviewed at the hospital on Sunday, March 26.  Lehrkamp remained alert and conscious during the interview.
“The anguish he suffered, it’s sure to be a long recovery…emotionally and mentally as well. He is stable, but still in the ICU recovering and fighting through some lung infection from the aspiration,” the GoFundMe continued. “He is still lightly sedated as he is very panicked and anxious when awake.
Disturbing videos of the same 19-year-old victim surfaced this week on social media.  According to G.C.P.D., these videos are from a prior incident involving Lehrkamp.

A vigil in Lehrkamp’s honor has been planned for Monday.  It will take place away from the facility where he reportedly receives care.

Regarding this inquiry, G.C.P.D. has consulted with the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, and the Glynn County District Attorney.

On Sunday, the Glynn County Police Department released a statement detailing the incident and providing updates on the investigation. The following day, Glynn County Schools sent a statement announcing they were aware of the incident and cooperating with officials.

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