Google Warns Android Users of Apps Using Their Microphone and Camera to Spy on Them

Google Warns Android Users of Apps Using Their Microphone and Camera to Spy on Them

Millions of Android users are being warned by Google that their apps may be spying on them.

When the microphone or camera is turned on, the new function notifies the user.

It’s extremely similar to a warning that Apple’s competing iPhone already has.

In the most recent Android 12 update, the Google feature was added to phones. You won’t be able to see it unless you have it.

In the top right corner of the screen, a new indicator emerges. When an app tries to access your camera or microphone, you’ll see a camera or microphone symbol.

It keeps apps from secretly listening in or even spying on you using your camera.

You can also check a history of which apps have used your camera, microphone, or location, as well as when they did so.

This data can be found in the new Privacy Dashboard, which can be found in Settings.

In your Quick Settings, you may now completely cut off your microphone and camera throughout your entire phone.

It’s important to understand that seeing a symbol doesn’t necessarily imply there’s someone watching.

Instagram, for example, requires your camera to be on sometimes.

However, if you find that a strange app is using your camera, it could suggest you’re being watched.

Numerous apps with unauthorized access to the camera on Android phones have been discovered by cyber experts.

So make sure you’re on Android 12 and that you’re on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

If you have any suspicions, go to Settings and verify the app’s permissions.

If you’re really concerned, you may simply uninstall the app.

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