82-Year-Old Woman Loses $700,000 in "Grandparent Scam"

82-Year-Old Woman Loses $700,000 in “Grandparent Scam”

It would seem like more people would value the elderly community but some people are just terrible human beings.

There are criminals out here running “grandparent scams” and in some cases, it’s costing elders hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An 82-year-old Florida grandmother was one victim of a scam after unidentified scammers convinced her that her granddaughter was in legal trouble and needed money immediately.

The scammers told the older woman to withdrawal money from her local bank and deliver the money to a courier.

The thieves went as far as putting a woman on the phone to convince the victim it was her granddaughter. The imposter then told the elderly woman that she had been in a car accident and needed immediate funding to cover legal costs.

After that, a fake lawyer was put on the phone and told the grandmother how much money was needed.

The victim made 13 withdrawals over the summer, which totaled over $700,000.

Investigators are looking into Uber rides that were traced to the woman’s house and that she did not call. They are also currently trying to “assist with providing information to who purchased the rideshares and where the victim’s funds actually went,” according to the court documents.

Rightfully so, the grandmother’s lawyer has filed a civil lawsuit against Truist Bank for alleged negligence, claiming they let the woman make large and unusual withdrawals even after red flags were raised.

This is sad!

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