Groupies have Evolved…

I received an article in my e-mail box called 3 Things About Groupies, Fans, and The Thirty on a website called The Single Black Male. It was interesting reading from a male point of view the breakdown of these titles. One part that interested me was about Groupies evolving. I remember this chic told me she was going to a high school game. The chic was in her late 30’s. I’m thinking maybe she was going to see her nephew play? No.. This chic was trying to befriend a high school player because she knew he was going pro. Yup.. that is what some groupies do.


Check out this excerpt:


Groupies have evolved.

I’ve had to reevaluate how I define a groupie. I used to think that it was a woman that probably graduated high school, worked in menial gigs, and was looking for a story to tell her girls; or, get brought into the fold so that they could live the lavish life with the stars. As I’ve found out over the years, that isn’t always the case. Groupies have become sophisticated. They have college degrees from top universities. They have high paying specialized day jobs. They’re devout in their faith and see nothing wrong with fighting their way into potential facebook pics or hotel rooms on Saturday night and then clapping their hands on Sunday morning. Groupies still do the same sh*t, but now they just have better resumes. Some of us men will even end up marrying them.

I’ve also discovered that their are different types of groupies. There are the ones that demonstrate the more traditional behavior of course. There are also ones that are a bit more strategic. For instance, there are women that get in with the stars before they become stars and position themselves as friends. When people try to tell the rapper or blogger that the chick(s) is a groupie, the dude(s) will often respond with “that’s just my homegirl(s).” Little does he know that they have an agenda of their own that doesn’t necessarily include getting pregnant or just being in pictures. They may be trying to get access to the dude’s network so that they can leverage it professionally or socially.


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