Gucci and Dickies Team Up to Have You Going to Work in Style With $7K Jacket and Work Pants

Gucci and Dickies Team Up to Have You Going to Work in Style With $7K Jacket and Work Pants

Beloved workwear brand Dickies is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a glamorous makeover from the luxury fashion house Gucci

Just in time for the holidays, the partnership is the bejeweled surprise we didn’t realize we needed. The Gucci x Dickies dropped with very little announcement but quickly found itself on everyone’s radar. Imagine the standard Dickies workwear reimagined with hand-placed stones and studs covering every inch of the cotton twill jackets, pants, and shirts. 

With constructing the line, Gucci was careful not to take away from the classic silhouette that has kept Dickies in business for generations. The Dickies logo remains on each piece in its traditional yellow, red and blue. Gucci also took meticulous steps to mimic the Fall/Winter 2022 line, despite Gucci x Dickies being a stand-alone capsule. 

In fact, these customs are exclusively available in the Gucci Vault, a concept store presented by the brand that shines a spotlight on vintage pieces and independent creators such as Luar and jewelry designer Mondo Mondo. 

While there are many Dickies fans fawning over this sparkling line, nothing in the collection is for those ballin’ on a budget. The Work Shirt is the least expensive item of clothing, standing at $985, with the Eisenhower Jacket listed as the priciest piece at $7,410.00. Every look is available now for a limited time on


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