Hackers Found Hiding Malware Inside Old Windows Logo

Hackers Found Hiding Malware Inside Old Windows Logo

Hackers have been hiding their malware inside an old Windows logo in an attempt to target governments and their entities.

Symantec’s Threat Hunter Team found that an espionage group called the Witchetty had been targeting several governments and their secure intelligence platforms with the use of a new and “rarely seen” steganography technique, PCMag reports. The tech tool allows disruptive software such as malware to be hidden inside an image.

The hackers, in this instance, used an old Windows logo and embedded a backdoor Trojan (Backdoor. Stegmap), which has the ability to infiltrate a system and perform a slew of different commands, the news outlet reports. Its bitmap lived on GitHub, a service management company.

If stored on a network, the malware is able to “install web shells on public-facing servers.” This can lead to hackers being able to steal information and implement more malware into an organization’s system or network, PC Mag reports.

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