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African American little girl with her mother during PCR test of COVID-19 in a medical lab. Physician taking a nasal swab for coronavirus sample

Hamptons Residents Paying $500 for Single COVID Test

The Hamptons are buzzing…with COVID tests that is. A local doctor in the Hamptons is asking for $500 for COVID tests and residents are paying it.

According to The New York Post, Dr. Seth Gordon is a pediatrician that charges adults and children $500 for PCR tests and $400 for COVID rapid tests.

Dr. Gordon is receiving top clientele as well. Actress Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity to book with the doctor. She took her kids to visit the doctor for a rapid COVID test. Dr. Gordon seems to be taking advantage of the Hamptons’ high demand for COVID results.

At White’s Apothecary, 300 home tests sold out in a matter of an hour. Residents have been scurrying to get their hands on anything that will alert them of the contagious disease. Apparently, if you make an appointment, a test isn’t guaranteed.

One resident says, “I had an appointment at a drive-through testing center at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s Parrish Memorial Hall — but there were still over 250 cars in front of me.” People are waiting 8 to 12 hours for tests. But the Hamptons aren’t the only ones charging.

Apparently, Bloom Labs in NYC charge $75 to $150 for tests and the people are paying for it. Some are even paying $299 for rapid results within an hour to resume their daily livelihoods. Someday Health recently charged $225 for a rapid test and $275 for a PCR test.

Looks like Dr. Gordon isn’t far off from the market…

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