“He Ain’t Lyin’,” Blac Chyna Says Kanye West Is Telling The Truth About Kris Jenner, Says Kris Called Her “Ghetto”

Blac Chyna says Kanye West wasn’t lying when he said Kris Jenner is a racist. The socialite says the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch called her “ghetto.”

This week, West went on a Twitter rampage and seemingly outed his wife and her family’s racist ways. The musician called his mother-in-law a “white supremacist” and compared her to Kim Jong-Un, calling her “Kris Jon-Un.” The family has been called out before over their continuous acts of cultural appropriation and racially insensitive business moves. Now West is saying the family is racist, and Chyna agrees. The business owner said the family has shown their bigotry in her ongoing legal battle with the family over their alleged attempt to have her show “Rob & Chyna” shut down after one season.

“Chyna has submitted evidence in her court case proving that Kris Jenner told a ‘Rob & Chyna’ executive producer that Chyna taking food from her own refrigerator at the time and moving it to her own home was ‘ghetto,’” said Chyna’s lawyer, Lynne Ciani in a statement to BOSSIP. “Chyna also submitted evidence that Kris Jenner lied — twice — to the same executive producer that Chyna had ‘beat the [expletive]” out of Rob’s face.’ Chyna will prove at trial that Kris Jenner then used this false and defamatory lie to get Season 2 of ‘Rob & Chyna’ canceled.”

This all comes from West’s sudden mental breakdown on Twitter, where he lashed out on the family and revealed that he was heartbroken after he and #KimKardashian considered aborting their child, North, back in 2013. The two have been married for six years, but West said that he tried to divorce Kim after she allegedly went to a hotel room with #MeekMill. He also mentioned that Kris and Kim attempted to have him committed. The tweets have since been deleted.

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