He Does Suspect Things But Swears He’s Straight

Okay, the pic above may be a little extra, but let’s be honest, we all know a guy that does suspect things and still wants you to believe that he’s straight. He never makes excuses for his behavior but when the question comes up “Are you gay?” all he does is deny, deny, deny.

How do you handle this? You can’t possibly date a guy after having a sneaking suspicion that he’s more into your ex than you, can you? Let’s take a moment to really analyze the suspect man. He’s the guy who seems to enjoy the company of his boys more than he enjoys being around you. He tends to gossip more than any woman you know and 90% of the time he always has something negative to say about women. He does little things like leave the room to talk to his homies on the phone and he’s always caught up in some drama. Most drama is surrounding women. He’s more into women fashion than any regular guy should be and every now and again his mannerisms become extra feminine. A flick of the wrist here, a “Uh huh Girl” there.  All of this suspicious behavior but if you ask him if he’s gay or bisexual, he will get offended and say no.

As a woman is it your right to get to the bottom of things or should you take his word for it? Would you treat him as if he was cheating on you by not telling you what you believe is the truth? My answer to this is pretty simple. Trust is the foundation for all relationships. Without trust the relationship is destined to fail. If you don’t trust that your man is being 100% real with you, subconsciously you’re going to end up doing things to push him away anyway. The best thing is to follow your gut. If you ask him if he’s interested in men and you can’t get a straight answer out of him, the last thing you should do is keep quiet and stick around. You do want to let him know where you stand. Let him know that he can come to you and talk to you if he needs to but you don’t want to get your heart tied up into someone that isn’t really interested in you. Make sure he feels comfortable enough to talk to you, whatever the outcome. If you feel he isn’t coming clean and you’re adamant about leaving, do so. Don’t stick around resenting him because you wasted your life when all the warning signs were already there.

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