Head Of Police Union Blames Daunte Wright For His Own Death

Head Of Police Union Blames Daunte Wright For His Own Death

The head of Minnesota’s largest police union believes that Daunte Wright caused his own death by not complying with police.

Brian Peters, the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association executive director, spoke with WCCO news talk radio on Wednesday. Peters did not hold back in voicing his frustration for Wright causing the incident that led to his death.


“This is going to be an unpopular statement: Daunte Wright if he would have just complied. He was told he was under arrest. They were arresting him on a warrant for weapons.” The union leader says that Wright had “set off a chain of events” that led to his killing.

“I’m not excusing it. But what we’re seeing in policing these days is that non-compliance by the public.”

His insensitive statement comes after both Kim Potter, the Brooklyn Center Police officer who killed Wright, and Chief Tim Gannon resigned. Potter has also been charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Potter allegedly meant to grab her taser when she grabbed her gun and fired it at the 20-year-old trying to get back into his vehicle during the fateful traffic stop. Before his resignation, Gannon also supported this claim that the shooting was a mistake.

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  1. Since when is “not complying with police” a capital offense? It sure isn’t for White guys.

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