Heidi Klum Reportedly Blasts Ex-Husband Seal In Court For Trying To Stop Her From Traveling With Kids To Germany

According to Fox News, Heidi Klum and her 16-year-old daughter reportedly claimed in an emergency court filing that her ex-husband, grammy award-winning singer Seal, whose real name is Henry Samuel, is trying to stop the supermodel from traveling to Germany with their four children later this year.

Klum, 47, is under contract to film

“Germany’s Next Top Model,” where she is hosting and the leading judge. She requested to bring her children Leni, 16, Henry, 14, Johan, 13, and Lou, 10.

“Henry’s [Seal’s] time is sporadic at best,” the supermodel said in an angry letter to a judge in court documents retrieved by People.

Klum, who is also a judge for “America’s Got Talent,” then added, “In 2020 so far, he has spent about six weeks total with Leni, six weeks total with Henry, ten days total with Johan, and ten days total with Lou.”

Klum reportedly claimed that she more than often takes their children with her when she travels, and at first, her ex-husband was okay with it, but backtracked due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am well aware of all of the necessary precautions associated with the COVID-19 virus, and would never put our children at risk — I have taken all the precautions for Germany the same way I do in the United States,” she wrote. She reportedly added in the document that she’s “grateful” to still be able to work during these uncertain times.

“Germany’s Next Top Model” is usually filmed in Los Angeles, Ca, reportedly for Klum’s convenience. This time the German cast and crew are unable to film at that location.

“Also, as Henry has a British passport, he would be able to visit the children while they are in Germany if he wishes to do so,” Klum wrote.

The supermodel also said she is open to negotiating for Seal to have custody of their kids for the second Christmas in a row if she could take them with her to Germany. Their custody agreement currently has them alternating Christmas with the children every year.

Klum claimed her youngest children, Lou and Johan, “cried” and asked for her “to pick them up after a few days,” according to The Blast’s copy of the court filing. “I cannot imagine them being without me for months.”

The Blast also reportedly retrieved a copy of the letter Klum and Seal’s daughter Leni wrote to the courts.

“This is hard because I love both of my parents, but I feel like I need to speak up. I understand that my siblings are too young to speak to the judge, so I am happy to speak for all of us,” the 16-year-old wrote. “My mom needs to film in Germany for a few months, and my siblings and I want to go with her.”

She continued: “So far, my dad is not allowing us to go, though we have tried to tell him our reasons why we want to.”

Leni also said her younger siblings would be “really upset” if they had to remain in Los Angeles and that they are “frightened” about the possibility of being away from Klum for that extended amount of time.

“I just want to figure out something and come up with a plan and agreement as a family,” Leni reportedly stated. “I love you so so much.”

Klum was sick back in March, which made her think she contracted the coronavirus, she later tested negative.

Heidi Klum and Seal

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