Smash or Pass? Hidden Valley Ranch Has New Ice Cream
Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream

Smash or Pass? Hidden Valley Ranch Launches New Ice Cream

Have you ever craved ice cream with a side ranch? For those who have, Hidden Valley has a new frozen treat on the block made just for you. 

The condiment company unveiled its unique new flavor this week, bringing Van Leeuwen ice cream with their famed creamy salad dressing. Per a press release, the collaboration will be available in pints with a taste described as “flavorful herbs and a touch of sweetness.”

PEOPLE staffers got a chance to indulge in the Van Leeuwen: Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream before it hit the stores, and their experience alone may be enough to scare a few customers off. Testers reported the smell resembling onions but did admit the taste was better than expected. They also confirmed that frozen custard tasted better when paired with salty snacks, such as pretzels. And according to Hidden Valley, this is precisely how they want customers to enjoy it. 

It’s no surprise that Hidden Valley chose Van Leeuwen to debut this odd snack, as the Brooklyn-based creamery is known for debuting limited edition whacky flavors. Their Spring line-up also includes Malted Milkshake & Fries, which could be very satisfying in a sundae with the ranch ice cream. They previously unleashed a Kraft Mac and Cheese flavor that turned some stomachs while others were left intrigued. 

Sadly, the all-new Van Leeuwen: Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream will not be available year-round. The cold cream will only be on shelves in select Walmart stores from March 20th to March 28th. 

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