High School Student Accidentally Sets Off Homemade Bomb, Injuring Six People

A Michigan high school student detonated a homemade explosive device in class on Monday, injuring five students and the teacher. 

People reports that the Newaygo Police Department responded to calls about an explosion at the school on Monday morning. Upon arrival, the school was evacuated. Other schools in the district went into lockdown until it was determined there was no further threat.

Newaygo Schools Super Intendent Peggy Mathis told MLIVE that the explosion was “not an attack or designed to be something malicious, but a serious lack of judgment.”

The 16-year-old student who detonated the device was taken to the hospital for moderate to severe injuries. The four other students injured during the explosion were taken to the hospital by their parents for minor injuries. The classroom teacher was also treated at the hospital.

“The investigation continues into what kind of material was involved in the explosion and the circumstances contributing,” said a statement by the police department. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms are on scene to assist with identifying the explosive materials involved. This incident is being investigated by the Newaygo Police Department and the Michigan State Police Hart Post with full assistance of Newaygo Public School staff.”

The detonation is considered accidental, and the incident is still under investigation.

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