Highland Park Shooting Suspect Contemplated Another Mass Shooting in Wisconsin While on the Run

Highland Park Shooting Suspect Contemplated Another Mass Shooting in Wisconsin While on the Run

The Highland Park shooting suspect just confessed to police that he went on a rampage from a Chicago suburban rooftop to carry out the umpteenth mass shooting of the year. After he escaped and fled to Madison, Wisconsin, he contemplated shooting up at another event.

However, the suspect turned back to Illinois because he decided he wasn’t ready for another shooting. The 21-year-old man was denied bond and arrested in Illinois.

The mass shooting follows a public health crisis known as gun violence in the United States of America. A day meant to celebrate freedom, and the nation turned dark and gruesome for a developed community in a suburb of Illinois. The shooting happened nearly 30 miles from the city, killing at least seven people, leaving a toddler parentless, and dozens in critical condition.

A spokesperson, Christopher Covelli, said he initially was under the impression that the suspect was not planning on another shooting. However, he learned that the suspect saw another Independence Day celebration in Wisconsin and “seriously contemplated” it. Though he ditched the murder weapon, he had another rifle with at least 60 rounds.

The nation is reeling from another mass shooting.

As more details unravel about the suspect, it’s hard to believe that this could happen again with warning signs of instability. In 2019, the police were called to the suspect’s home twice for threats of violence and suicide.

The suspect, Robert Crimo III, applied for a gun license in 2019, with his father sponsoring his application. He was 19 at the time.

The suspect appeared in court recently, where he faced more charges. So far, he faces seven counts of murder and is held without bond. His original attorney dropped him due to a conflict of interest in taking the case. Now he is assigned to a public defender.

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