His and Hers: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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The month of love is upon here! And the “designated” day for celebration, Valentine’s Day, is underway! While gift-giving may be some people’s love language, there are still many out there who are still struggling to find the perfect, heartfelt gift. Or, you’re just waiting until the last minute. Either way, let me help you out!

Whether you’re last-minute shopping, completely at a loss of what to get, or just want to add on a little something extra, the list I cultivated below should send you in the right direction.

Valentine’s Day is all about the ladies, don’t get me wrong. But after some VERY minor research, I found that “boyfriend for valentine’s day” is searched twice as more than “girlfriend on valentine’s day.”  👀 My ladies know that men need love too!

To help out my ladies, let’s start with what to get “Him.”

For Him:


Every man loves to smell good, and let’s face it; women cannot resist a man with a phenomenal smell to him. So help yours out by gifting him with one of the best colognes out right now. The top three colognes in 2020 are RawChemistry Cologne for Him, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and Sauvage by Christian Dior.  He’ll be very appreciative, as will you when he wears it all the time.

-Nike Tech Suit

The Nike Tech Suits are in, and they are the best go-to “kick it” outfit. Have your man looking fresh this Valentine’s Day! Maybe even get him a pair of sneakers or even pay for a lineup. We love a fresh cut in a jogging suit.

-Tickets To A Sporting Event

Men love sports, so getting your guy tickets to the upcoming basketball game is not a bad idea! If he’s not a basketball fan, get him tickets in advance to another sporting event. Buy at least two, so he can bring one of his friends along. Men love a “guys night out.”

For Her:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

-Self-Care Products

Listen up men, self-care 2020 is in full effect. Shower your girl in her favorite lotions, face masks, body scrubs, moisturizers, hair care products, etc. It may seem small, but I assure you it will go a long way. Maybe even treat her to a Mani/Pedi or a wax!

-Gift basket

It’s the little things. A gift basket with all your girl’s favorites is always a good idea. From candy, to make up to books, your girl will appreciate you for noticing the little things.

-Scrapbook with a handwritten note

Women love pictures, so there are very few out there who would not appreciate a scrapbook. But one thing women also LOVE is when a man speaks from his heart. To handcraft a book of picture memories and write a heartfelt letter along with it seems like the gift of all gifts this year. It’s simple yet, sentimental and personal. Your girl will appreciate the fact that you took the time and thought this gift through.

Regardless of the gift, you get your S.O., remember that what’s important is the thought. As cliche as this sounds, at the end of the day, a gift is temporary, whereas a relationship, a bond, a vibe has the possibility to last forever.

Last Minute Gifts

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