HitBoy Reveals He Produced Beyoncé's Song "THIQUE" Back in 2014

HitBoy Reveals He Produced Beyoncé’s Song “THIQUE” Back in 2014

HitBoy’s cash is getting “thiquer” and now we know why. The super-producer has been granted numerous times to work with Queen Bey and has credits on “THIQUE” from her new album Renaissance.  

But, apparently, he had to sit with the beat for eight years.

Hitboy recently sat down with Rolling Stone’s Music Now podcast to discuss the new favored track and other tracks he did in the past with the “Break My Soul” singer. 

“I had to sit on that beat for eight years!” Hit-Boy said on the podcast. “That’s the way the game goes sometimes. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in the game and certain people will perceive like, ‘Oh, where’s Hit-Boy been? What’s Hit-Boy been doing?’ But then I’m sitting on stuff like “Thique” that just hasn’t materialized yet. Y’all don’t even know how ahead I really am. I’ve been holding onto legendary stuff, and there’s plenty more.”

In addition to “THIQUE” and “Feeling Myself,” he also talked about writing “Bow Down.”

“I was basically trying to make a ‘N***as in Paris,’ female version. With that bounce, with that synth. Obviously you look at the lyrics, she’s talking crazy, talking rapper shit. So just to bring that energy out and go to her stadium shows and see the reaction is like, wow. The energy I was trying to convey really went over.”

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