Hoes Are Pimps Too, Let Me Explain…

Somehow, no matter what I’m talking about, the subject of my conversation always finds it’s way to becoming a lesson on hoes. Like I’ve always said, I commend the “hoe” that can be 100% real about hers. The one that doesn’t preach a Bible sermon and belittling other women like she isn’t out there laying it low and spreading it wide her damn self. The thing I don’t like is when men go bashing women, calling them “hoes” because they got their little feelings hurt. You ever stop to think, maybe it wasn’t her, maybe it was you?


What’s a hoe? Someone who sleeps around with no attachments to anyone emotionally. Someone who is free with the sex she passes around. Men do the same and are considered playas. Why call her a hoe because you got your feelings involved and got hurt? Women have been going through this for years, the tables have finally turned.


Why does she have to be a hoe because she told a guy straight up this was just sex and she wasn’t trying to get feelings involved. In fact, I think this is a great business woman. She put the agreement out on the table and if you sign the dotted line, who are you to judge? Frankly, you’re just as much the hoe that she is.


And to you hoes in denial, look, you’re not fooling anyone. You can pretend to be a nun in public, but always remember that your card can be pulled at any moment. Be ready for that. The person who puts all their cards on the table has little else to be ashamed of. Embrace the hoe that you are so you can hoe in peace!



Furthermore, it’s already been discussed that the term “hoe” is relative anyway. It’s not always about the number of bodies you have under your belt but your behavior and how you project yourself, behind or in front of closed doors.My main gripe is — a hoe shouldn’t call another hoe a hoe, hoe.


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