Hold Up Playa: Cedric The Entertainer Says He Didn’t Steal His Signature Joke From Katt Williams

Iconic comedian Cedric The Entertainer slams Katt Williams’s claims that he stole his joke during his performance in “Kings of Comedy.”

On Thursday, Cedric took to his Instagram to deny the joke-theft rumors.


“I did the ‘Kings of Comedy’ in 1999. Probably had been doing that joke six-seven years before that. I don’t even know if Katt was doing comedy then.” The 57-year-old went on to add that while Katt is a “talented brother,” he has “no idea what he’s talking about.”

“I’ve never seen Katt do a space shuttle joke,” he explained, referring to his famous ending joke during the popular stand-up special. “That may be something that he believes is true. I’ve written a lot of jokes. I’ve had a lot of comedians steal my joke as well. So, I understand he feels slighted by that, but that’s my joke. That’s my joke, dawg.”

During a recent interview on “The Morning Hustle,” Katt Williams told the show’s hosts, @Headkrack, @Goangie, @Starringlorel, and @Billysorrells, that he was “crushed” when he attended the Kings of Comedy tour and heard Cedric perform his joke as he sat in the crowd helpless. The “Friday After Next” star went on to add that while he took the incident “personally,” Cedric was not the only comedian to steal his material.

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